What Are The Best Firstbase Baseball Drills

Many baseball coaches are looking for information on what are the best first base drills for a first baseman. Generally, a good first baseman is tall and is able to catch the ball well. Many first basemen are left handed. This gives them an advantage over right handers that play the position. Let's discuss some of the the best first base baseball drills.  

  1. Just like all other infielders on the baseball team, the first baseman should be able to field ground balls. When the coach is hitting ground balls to each of the infielders for practice, this drill should also be done for the first baseman.
  2. Another one of the best first baseman drills is having the first baseman roll grounders to the second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman.  After they field the grounder, have them throw the ball back to the first baseman. The is a great first baseman drill because it gives the first baseman practice fielding throws.
  3. When a coach is hitting baseballs to the infielders for practice, it is a great drill to throw the ball to the first baseman, before throwing it back to the catcher and then given to the coach to hit again. Getting the first baseman as many reps as possible with catching baseballs from the other infielders is great practice for them.

While first basemen are usually not known for their speed or athleticism, a good first baseman is able to field the ball well, and also field throws from the infielders, whether they are accurate or not. These are some of the best first base drills to help the first baseman improve their performance. An ideal first baseman is tall and left handed, but with the proper amount of practice with these drills, other types of players can become an adequate first baseman.




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