What Are The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards?

Many people wonder exactly what are the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards? The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards celebrated the successes in music, film, and more, during the seven years it aired.  While this award show was often compared to the Peoples Choice Awards, the Blockbuster Entertainment awards featured a unique perspective in regards to honoring the "movers and shakers" of each year. Award show fans were treated to an all-star lineup of performing arts and entertainment stars. 

The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards aired its first ceremony in 1994. The first awards ceremony featured many of the major actors of that year.  Harrison Ford won the Favorite actor for his role in the movie " The Fugitive".  The first ceremony was a success which prompted the ceremony to attract A-list actors and musicians. 
The second annual Blockbuster Entertainment awards featured Kelsey Grammer as host. Superstars such as William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford served as presenters.  This year was significant due to the fact that it was produced by Ken Ehrlich, who is credited with producing beloved ceremonies such as "The Emmys" and "The Grammys".
The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards boasted sponsors such as MCI WorldCom, Coke, Visa, Paramount Pictures and American Online as well as the production credibility of Ken Ehrlich, which should guarantee longevity in the awards ceremony arena. Yet  the last awards ceremony was held in April of 2001.
For its part, Blockbuster.com makes no mention of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. The once prestigious award ceremony that honored everyone from Pierce Brosnan to LL Cool J has been completely banished from the site.  There are no links included on the site and a search on the site returns no results. On the other hands many of the winning Artists sites include these awards in their list of accomplishments.
There are many rumors regarding why the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards did not continue. The decision to discontinue the awards ceremony was shocking due to the fact that it was the largest public voted honor three years in a row. Yet ratings suddenly declined causing executives at Blockbuster to discontinue the awards. There are not many readily available answers as to why the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards did not continue, one prevailing theory is that the winners were chosen based upon Blockbuster Video sales and therefore it was not a good determination of who the best artists were. This would have made the show irrelevant to those who did not shop at Blockbuster or use Blockbuster online. Regardless of the reason the rise of companies such as Netflix and cable company OnDemand offerings were beginning to create other problems for parent company, Blockbuster.
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