What Are Boot Cut Jeans?

Confused when shopping for jeans and you don't exactly know what are boot cut jeans?  There are many different styles of jeans today, it is difficult to keep up with them all.  When shopping for jeans it is easier if you know the different styles of jeans out there, it can save you a lot of time.  You won't have to try so many jeans on if you know the type of cut and style of jeans  you are looking for.

Boot cut jeans is the name given to jeans that flare out at the bottoms, so the jeans will go over your boots.  They are not considered bell bottoms, because the flare is not as big or dramatic, but they are very similar.  They even were introduced in the 1980's to replace the bell bottom jeans, that were not so popular at that time.  Boot cut jeans just flared out a little at the bottom making them more appealing than the bell bottoms.  

They often give you a slimming effect, unlike the tapered leg jeans that make your mid section look bigger than it really is.  Tapered jeans won't go over boots and bulky shoes, so therefore if you are wearing these types of footwear, it looks more pleasing on the eye to wear boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans are very popular and are worn by many.  They look good on almost every body type. 

Don't be intimidated by all the different types of jeans, just remember the name is usually given to jeans to refer to the type of cut and style they are.  Boot cut jeans are a must have in every wardrobe.



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