What Are The Disadvantages Of Mercedes Benz 4Matic?

Find out what are the disadvantages of a Mercedes Benz 4Matic. The 4Matic system in a Mercedes Benz is used to increase traction on slippery roads and prevent skidding. The 4Matic system controls the 4-wheels and transmission to create the increased traction effect. It sounds like a great feature, but is it really? Decide for yourself with the truth about a Mercedes Benz 4Matic system:

The first disadvantage of the Mercedes Benz 4Matic is that it is complex. It has too many functions and when something electronic has too many functions, it is liable to have troubles in the future. The only function it claims to have is to increase traction on slippery roads, but it does much more than that. The 4Matic system controls the wheels and transmission.

The second disadvantage of the Mercedes Benz 4Matic is that since it is complex, it would be highly expensive to repair. Along with repairing the Mercedes Benz 4Matic system, you may have to repait your whole transmission since the 4Matic operates through your transmission and your wheels. That is a big responsibility for such an electronic system that was only made to increase traction. Simpler is better in this situation.

The third disadvantage of the Mercedes Benz 4Matic is that in some Mercedes Benz engines, it is working all the time. When it is working all of the time, it puts more stress on your engine. Luckily on some cars, you could turn them on and off, but having no control over the 4Matic system is not a good thing. You do not need your ngine working harder than it has to. It could cost you to repair parts in your car much sooner than necessary.




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