What Are Extreme Lesbians?

Wondering what are extreme lesbians? Chances are you are familiar with the term lesbian, but what are extreme lesbians? Do you know how they differ in philosophy and action from a typical lesbian in today's society? Obviously, extreme lesbians have viewpoints that are more divergent than normal opinions or philosophies. If you're interested in finding out more, read on to find out what it means to be an extreme lesbian.

So, what are extreme lesbians? Extreme lesbians vary in their exact belief systems, but most of their feeling has to do with how they feel about men. Some extreme lesbians believe they should form their own societies that are separate from all men. The more extreme position is that the world would be a better place with no men in it. The most extreme have anti-men slogans that can be quite violent; however these slogans are sometimes referred to as jokes by extreme lesbians.

Many extreme lesbians would like to go off and form all-female societies, and modern advances in reproduction lend credibility to the fact that this could actually be accomplished in the future. Some extreme lesbians believe that a perfect world would be one where no males exist. This would include a life where women live and love together in peace and harmony, without any of the negative aspects that they attribute to the male of the human species. Basically, extreme lesbians go beyond the gay liberation standpoint to supporting a separatist movement to a life without men in it. What are extreme lesbians? Now you should be able to easily answer this query.

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