What Are The Fitness Benefits Of Cricket

If you've watched the sport, you may wonder, "What are the fitness benefits of cricket?" Practitioners harvest numerous fitness benefits from cricket. Cricket is originally an English sport which carries striking similarities to the game of baseball. Countries which actively participate in cricket professionally were usually once English colonies, such as Australia, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies. Cricket’s physical requirements, exercise for optimal performance and the fitness benefits of cricket go hand in hand. A good, all-around cricketer has to be practiced in bowling, fielding and batting. Bowling is analogous to baseball’s pitching. Fielding is the same as in baseball, while the role of batting belongs to the person holding the cricket bat in this particular case.

  1. Stamina. Cricket matches last for hours on end; therefore, a cricketer must have good stamina to endure the long game periods. You cannot attain this fitness benefit of cricket overnight. Regular, continual exercise will bring about desired results in this area.
  2. Sharp aim. The sharp aim of an archer is a necessary skill and fitness benefit of cricket. In fielding, the cricketer must be attentive to a soaring ball and catch it in its descent. He must also have an eagle’s eye to strike the wickets (the boundaries of the running pitch).
  3. Hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye-ball coordination presents itself as a fitness benefit of cricket. A batsman must know how to connect the bat with the ball, and a fielder has to be well expert in taking aim at the stumps and striking them and is under obligation to catch any airborne ball. Dexterity goes along with hand-eye coordination, as there is a need for precision.
  4. Speed. Sprinting is another fitness benefit of cricket. After having batted the ball, both the batsman and his teammate must sprint to opposite ends of the pitch before a fieldsman strikes the stumps. Fielders must run to catch a ball in flight in time so that the batsman can be ousted from the game. Consequently, leg strength and agility are other fitness benefits of cricket.
  5. Strength. Cricketers have developed great strength as a fitness benefit of cricket through the practice of their sport. The batsman’s strength comes into demonstration when he has to vigorously strike the ball high and project it to the farthest distance. You can witness the bowler and fieldsman’s arm power in the ball throws and catches.
  6. Flexibility. Flexibility is an additional fitness benefit of cricket. Cricket requires a lot of back arching, standing, running and nimble movement. Stiff joints and muscles are a liability in this sport. On the other hand, supple limbs and a body in conditioned form is another asset in the fitness benefits of cricket. Often injuries result when cricketers are in bad shape with inflexible limbs.
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