What Are Markers On Golf Course

While out for a round you might wonder, “What are markers on the golf course?” Markers are a guide for golfers for a number of things. Understanding what these markers indicate can help you get around the course much easier.

Markers on the golf course are often used to indicate yardage to the center of the green. Nearly every course has a 150-yard marker, usually a pole in ground on both sides of the fairway. Often courses put yardage on their sprinkler heads, which will require a little searching on your part, but are typically easy to find. And some courses use color-coding, so the markers on the golf course at such locations will have red markers at 100 yards, white at 150 yards and blue at 200 yards.

Markers on the golf course can also indicate boundary lines. Hopefully you don’t have to interact with these markers too often, but white stakes typically show where an out-of-bounds area. When your ball flies by these markers on the golf course, know that you’re going to have to suffer a penalty stroke…and perhaps kiss your ball goodbye forever, depending on the terrain.

The places to tee off are also indicated by markers on the golf course. On most courses blue markers on the tee box are for “championship” play and are used by the best golfers, as they are furthest away from the hole. White markers are for men, red markers are for women and green markers are for juniors and seniors.


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