What Are the Negative Effects of Aging?

What are the negative effects of aging? The slow deterioration of the body is natural, and inevitable. Whatever the exact cause, or set of causes, the fact remains that aging happens. It is true that this process leads to a less-optimal form; but, there are also positive effects of healthy living, which can minimize the negative effects of aging.

As you age, the body absorbs less nutrients. Resultant nutritional deficiencies may be a major contributing factor of the negative effects of aging. Eating a nutrient-rich diet and taking dietary supplements can help combat this problem.

The heart loses some of its vitality over the years,
having to work harder to circulate blood through the body. Blood vessels tend to narrow and harden because of fatty build-ups, known as plaque. The best way to slow, and even reverse this process, is to eat a heart-healthy diet. Consume plenty of high-fiber, cholesterol-lowering foods, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

The organs of elimination also have more trouble.
This leads to multiple negative aging side effects, as toxins are allowed to build-up in tissue, contributing to chronic conditions, such as arthritis and poor cognitive function. The kidneys and bladder are no longer as efficient in removing waste from the bloodstream. The liver becomes overburdened and sluggish. The colon grows weak, leading to chronic constipation. The skin becomes blemished. Aside from a healthy diet, herbs can help to neutralize these negative effects that come with age. Drink dandelion tea for the kidneys, take milk thistle for the liver, rhubarb root for the colon, and red clover for the skin.

Skin, hair, and nails become dry and brittle over time. This is because the body has more trouble creating collagen, which is found in all connective tissue. Supplementing with vitamin C and silica can alleviate this aging side effect.

Despite the inevitable negative side effects of aging, with proper care of the body, growing old can still be done with grace. No matter what your age, do what is in your power for your well-being. A few years in the future, you'll be happy that you did.


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