What Are Overpronation Shoes?

If your feet are in the habit of overpronating, you might be wondering, “what are overpronation shoes?” In fact, you probably don’t even know what pronation is, period. Well, there’s a simple answer. Pronation is that way your feet naturally roll inward when you walk. Overpronation, therefore, is when your feet roll inward too much, which places undue stress on your arch and foot muscles.

What are overpronation shoes? Overpronation shoes are labeled such because they are built for pronation support. Overpronation shoes don’t necessarily take the place of separate arch supports, but they do help control how much movement your foot is allowed while inside the shoe.

Purpose of overpronation shoes. Overpronation shoes are designed to provide extra support to super-high foot arches. Certain shoes, especially running shoes, are contoured such that you have a little extra sole material beneath the inside of each foot, so the soles of your feet are less likely to roll in too much.

Benefits of overpronation shoes. These types of shoes are especially important for runners who need all the stability they can get while jogging or track racing. They also provide more cushioning, as over-pronating feet tend to tire a person more quickly than feet that pronate normally.

Another reason that overpronating can be detrimental is that you might get certain foot maladies, like tendonitis, if you don’t treat your feet well. Too much wear and tear on feet that don’t have the proper support are more likely to cause or result in injuries than feet that are securely fastened within the more restrictive boundaries of overpronation shoes.

Prices. Shoes meant for overpronating feet cost a little more than regular tennis shoes. Some shoes that only cost $100 regularly might cost $120 to $135 for pronation support. However, it’s a small price to pay, considering that you could be paying for high doctor bills if you get a foot injury without these shoes.

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