What Are Skateboard Trucks?

From the platform to the wheels, none would be useful without skateboard trucks. When a skateboard is flipped on its top, the skateboard trucks can be seen in plan view. They are mounted on the bottom of the platform by the base plate and held together with a kingpin. The kingpin holds the hanger to the base plate, which in turn holds the axle where the wheels are mounted. These parts work together to make a stable board for the rider.

With names like Furry, Grind King, Tensor and more, a rider comes to realize there is a variety of skateboard trucks he can choose from. The rider chooses what attributes are most important to his style of riding. If weight is an issue, he may choose a lighter truck. Maybe stability is a factor, he'll choose a skateboard truck that is wider. Durability is a factor that some consider when looking for weight, so the rider may choose a heavier skateboard truck. A rider will choose carefully when selecting his or her skateboard truck and may even go though many before finding the one that fits him best.

Like the style of the rider, the wheels the rider chooses may also play a unique challenge to the truck they've chosen. Like skate board trucks, wheels also come in great variety. From wide to narrow, tall to short, wheels take many shapes. Because of this, a rider may choose a different truck to accommodate the choice of wheels he enjoys most. For example, if a rider likes a wider tire and chooses a wide axle truck, he may find the result is a wheel that sticks out from the board too far for them to be comfortable while on the board. Remember, choose wheels and trucks wisely and keep shredding.


Science and Art of Skateboard Design



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