What Are Soft Side Hot Tubs?

Are you wondering, "What are soft side hot tubs?" Soft side hot tubs are a portable, low cost alternative to traditional hot tubs. Because they can be easily moved, soft sided hot tubs are a good choice for renters as well as home dwellers with less space. They are also more affordable than standard hot tubs, with many models costing just a few hundred dollars.

Besides the lower cost and portability, soft sided hot tubs are much easier to set up than standard hot tubs. Many models can be set up in a matter of minutes and although they are equipped with a heater and motor for moving the water around, no special wiring is usually needed.

Soft sided hot tubs are also great for travelers. Anyone who owns an RV or rents a cottage at the lake can take these hot tubs with them, which is a great way to add luxury to your summer vacation.

Many people will spend thousands of dollars on a standard hot tub and don't get a lot of use out of it. Buying a soft sided hot tub is a good way to try before you buy. If you decide that you do enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, then you can easily justify upgrading to something more permanent.

Special care should be taken with soft sided hot tubs. Although they are durable, you will want to follow the manufacturer's recommendations in regards to weight limits as well as proper use and care. Soft sided hot tubs will also require different chemicals than standard hot tubs to avoid causing damage to the vinyl lining.

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