What Are Some Good Songs To Dedicate To My Girlfriend?

If you just left the toilet seat up for the very last time and she’s packing her stuff, you might be thinking, “What are some good songs to dedicate to my girlfriend?” Well, you’ll be out of the doghouse soon with these songs, sure to trick any girl into thinking you actually display real human emotion. What a silly thought.

  1. Only You.” This classic Platters tune is the favorite song of the axe murderer in the Mike Myers comedy “So I Married An Axe Murderer". It’s also a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend because it will help convince her all those pictures you have of girls in bikinis are just your friends.
  2. Brown Eyed Girl.” Make sure your girlfriend has brown eyes before you dedicate this Van Morrison song to her (or at least buy her some contacts). Otherwise, she’ll think you’ve got another brown-eyed girl who you make love with “in the green grass behind the stadium.”
  3. You’re My Best Friend.” Let Queen help make her your queen. This is a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend because the words of Freddie Mercury will help convince her that no bro comes before her.
  4. In Your Eyes.” If you can’t stand outside her window with an ‘80s boombox and play this like John Cusack did in “Say Anything,” this Peter Gabriel hit is still a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend on the radio or at karaoke. What girlfriend doesn’t love hearing that you “see the doorway to a thousand churches” (whatever that means) in her eyes?
  5. I Would Die 4 U.” This Prince song uses a Christ metaphor  (“I'm your messiah and you're the reason why”) to describe an undying love. Just make sure she’s not screwing your friend before you take a bullet for her.
  6. Girl You Know It’s True.” This is a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend if she enjoys very corny late 80’s R&B. It doesn’t take the meaning of the Milli Vanilli song away just cause the people who were "singing" it weren’t actually singing it.
  7. Live Forever.” If you “don’t really want to know how (her) garden grows,” dedicate this anthemic Oasis song to her. It’s a sweet sentiment, even though your chances of being together forever are as good as Oasis reuniting.
  8. "You Belong With Me.” You may already be with her and you’re not a teenage girl, but this Taylor Swift song is a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend for its sheer poppiness and simple message.
  9. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.” If you haven’t told her lately that you love her, this sappy Rod Stewart single is a good song to dedicate to your girlfriend to help her forget how many times you told her you'd love her to leave.
  10. I’ll Never Break Your Heart.” This Backstreet Boys hit will keep her with you long enough until you actually do break her heart and, in the words of the other white boy band 'N Sync, go “bye, bye bye.”
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