What Are Stovepipe Jeans?

Does anyone remember what are stovepipe jeans?  What are they, you ask? They are denim jeans that have a nine inch opening at the hem line. They would have a smaller opening if you could get your foot through the pant leg. 

When did the stovepipe jeans style begin? Sometime in the late '50s is when we first saw them come on the scene. Young men across the pond started the craze- think Beatles- and then the stovepipe jeans made their way over to the great U.S. of A.  Elvis, rock and roll, and tapered jeans showed up around the same time over here. Other celebrities were wearing them too, yes,  and they became all the rage. Stovepipe jeans had many names, including drainpipes, cigarette jeans, slim Jims, skinny legs, and skinnies to name a few. Once the stovepipe jeans found their place in casual wear, they migrated over to dress and formal wear- there were even tuxedos with tapered legs.

Before you go running to the mall with credit card in hand, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing stovepipe jeans. Stovepipes are not for everyone; if you have a more "robust" physique- you need to pass on the stovepipe style. The very tapered legs show any flaws or simply prove to be unflattering unless you are leaning towards the "lean" side. Stovepipe jeans create a long look on men who are thinner, as they accentuate the entire leg. You don't have to be tall to look great in stovepipe jeans, but the longer your leg, the better the look. The trendy stovepipe jeans have a waistband that hits below your natural waist; if you are fighting the battle of the bulge, hold off on this purchase until you have won the war. Stovepipe jeans are not a good look for the muscular man either- you would just look bulky rather than fit and toned.

Though stovepipe jeans are trendy, they are not going to be the staple of your wardrobe. No, not everyone should have a pair in their closet; if you were wearing them when they first came out in the '50s and '60s, you want to pass this time around. It's like a woman in a mini skirt; even if she has a great body, after a certain age-just say no. Now, if you are bound and determined to get a pair, and you are just brimming with confidence, go for it. Remember that the look is a close silhouette; keep the shirt the same style, close to the body. Buy one pair, see if they work for you-and make sure you check out the rear view before you buy more.

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