What Are The Turn Offs In First Blind Date Conversations?

If you have been set up on a blind date by friends, and would like to make the date a success, you may be asking yourself, "What are the turn offs in first blind date conversations?"  If you would like to make a good impression, take a moment and read this article.  In it this list of turn offs in first blind date conversations, you will learn what not to say on a first date.

What are the turn offs in first blind date conversations? 

  1. Girlfriend drama.   It is acceptable to briefly mention an ex-girlfriend.  It is not acceptable to obsessively talk about this person.  Your blind date does not want to hear every aspect of your previous relationships.  Not only will it bore her, it is one of the most definite turn-off in first blind date conversations.
  2. Sexual experience.  You may be proud of the fact that you've slept with twenty girls, but your blind date does NOT want (or need) to know about it.  Keep the sex talk in the locker room, and leave it out of your blind date.
  3. Medical conditions.  When you first asked yourself, "What are the turn offs in first blind date conversations?", you may have thought that speaking of your medical conditions or health problems would be acceptable.  It's not.  Women want to date a man that is strong.  They want to be with someone that can protect them.  Women don't want to hear about your medical conditions on a first date.  It may not be fair, but a poor health condition make a man seem weak.
  4. Bathroom humor.  Your friends may think your toilet stories are hilarious, but your blind date will not.  Keep all stories about bowel movements, passing gas, or public relieving, to yourself.  This should be at the top of the list of, "What are the turn offs in first blind date conversation?".  Ladies do not understand bathroom humor.

Now that wasn't so bad, was it?  As you can see, the list of "What are the turn offs in first blind date conversation?" isn't such a long one after all.  There are just a few topics that should be avoided at all costs.   It is important to understand that if you decide to avoid the advice listed in "What are the turn offs in first blind date conversation?" you will NOT receive that second date!  So, if you really dislike the blind date you've been set up with, go ahead and discuss any of the things listed here.  It's a sure-fire way to end the date quickly.

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