What Is Art Fraud?

Have you been wondering what is art fraud? Art fraud is when someone copies a priceless art piece and tries to pass off the alleged work as the genuine article. Such crimes are investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The earliest art fraud crime is known to have happened centuries ago to a king who believed his crown was made of gold only to discover, through the famed intelligence of Archimedes, that it is fake. Archimedes tested the the density of gold throug water displacement. Forgers commit art fraud almost daily by manufacturing famous paintings, artifacts or statues and then passing them of as ancient works of the masters and fooling collectors all around the globe.

Appraisers utilize their expertise to expose if a rare item is actually a priceless work of the artist or an imitation. This is so that the article is rightly sold to buyers who want an authentic piece of art and not to become a victim of fraud. Museums see their fair share of art fraud, as part of the collections that come through their halls end up being fakes. The works need to be scrutinized at every turn. Many institutions hire tech savvy investigators who specialize in art fraud to investigate the item. This is to prove whether or not the item is the real deal or some art student's poor attempt at a Picasso.

There are many methods to look for art fraud, usually by employing many scientific tools to debunk the so-called masterpiece and bring comfort to a collector who invested a lot of money in the item. Carbon dating is one that tries to measure the actual age through polarized light microscopy and analyze the pigments of the artwork.

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