What Is The Average Speed Of A Skateboarder?

What is the average speed of a skateboarder? While measurements for average skateboarders vary according to size and weight, velocity can achieve a measurable amount. All readers wishing to know the average speed of a skateboarder can learn how to measure speed on a skateboard and learn the speed they can reach.

Knowing the average speed of a skateboarder depends on the angle of the skateboard. Riding along flat ground usually produces speeds from ten to twenty miles per hour. Depending on the person riding the board, going downhill produces greater speeds. The trick is to measure the average speed of a skateboarder through using basic calculations and a few trials, as in the links below. Through learning the measurements and performing trials to verify the average speed of a skateboarder, you can learn how to calculate speed according to your body size and measurements. The results vary by person and there are several other factors that provide varying results also. By gathering the right data, you can determine your own potential top speed.

While performing these trials, the measurers can time the skateboarder and calculate the time by the distance traveled. These measurements provide an average speed for a skateboarder, and gathering the information is quick and easy. Conducting the measurements provides a learning experience for all involved.

Learning the average speed of a skateboarder can help students and adults discover how experiments work when conducting the trials. Watching a skateboarder go downhill can lead to interesting facts about the different variable factors throughout the measurement. Measurers can learn how the hill creates a faster roll when skateboarding and increases speed. Depending on the location, measurers can attain an accurate measurement for learning the average speed of a skateboarder.

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