What Is The Best Career Path For New Federal Employee?

Learning what is the best career path for a new federal employee can be cumbersome. There are so many options for advancement in the government sector that it can be mind boggling on where to go next. Most people who obtain a government job have to begin at an entry level position depending on education. From there, they can advance and grow in their positions. On May 11th, 2010, the Office of Personnel Management made an announcement that they would soon be modernizing the federal hiring process. President Obama started an initiative to bring a twenty-first century approach to the federal hiring system. This could, in fact, change how the career path of an employee goes and what career path each employee should take.

The best career path for a new federal employee depends on the person's skills and abilities obtained. One good option for an entry level position is by becoming a clerk at a local federal courthouse. Federal employees beginning at a local federal courthouse as a clerk would learn skills such as assisting deputy clerks with special projects and filing and answering phones. Not only would you learn how a government office works, you would also get to know people in power, such as attorneys and judges. This could later advance into a position with much more responsibility and authority such as an assistant to the judge, or even a candidate for a vote-in position. Here are three steps to landing a federal government job and advancing quickly: 

  1. Apply at your local federal courthouse or government agency.
  2. Once hired, make a real effort to learn everything about your position and always give an adequate amount of time and effort to your job.
  3. Finally, find out who can help you advance the quickest. Ask this person to direct you and guide you to the position that would fit your needs and utilize your personal skills and abilities.

Whatever career path you choose as a new federal employee, make sure you are constantly learning new things about your job as well as jobs you would like to advance to in the future. There are many federal government jobs available, and there is room for growth in most of them, especially if President Obama’s initiative to modernize the hiring process is a success.  

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