What Is The Best Over The Counter Flu Remedy?

What is the best over the counter flu remedy? Here’s a hint, it’s not a medication. Here’s another clue, your grandmother made you take a swig every time you told her you didn’t feel well. What’s the best remedy for the flu? Cod liver oil. This is one of the most effective ways to treat a myriad of ailments, and it’s all natural. Realistically, we all know there is no cure for the flu, it has to run it's course. The flu shot, which is made of the flu virus from the previous year, does not cure the flu.  Antibiotics do nothing for a virus, and Tamiflu (prescription only) will provide some relief, only if taken at the onset of the flu. Unfortunately, most over the counter medications will only give you temporary relief from symptoms with no health benefits.

Cod liver oil boosts the immune system; it has cancer fighting properties, so you can imagine what it does to the flu virus. Cod liver oil is an anti inflammatory, which significantly reduces coughing, and congestion. Cod liver oil is a powerful aid in helping your body fight illnesses, without the dangerous side effects of over the counter drugs and prescription medications. Now you know the over the counter remedy that’s best for the flu, here are a few tips you should follow.

  1. Take cod liver oil daily, read the label for specific instructions before taking the recommended dosage.
  2. First Sign of Cold or flu-up the dosage of the cod liver oil for the duration of the flu.
  3. Space the dosage out over the day. Spacing the dosage allows your body to absorb more cod liver oil.
  4. Liquid cod liver oil is absorbed more quickly by the body-Capsules will leave you with no after taste, but are not absorbed as quickly.
  5. Children who cannot swallow the gel caps should chew them.

Make sure you purchase cod liver oil. Fish oil and flax seed oil have health benefits, but do not do what cod liver oil does. Don't forget to make this part of your daily regimen.

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