What Is The Best Seat In A Movie Theater

When you enter a movie theater, where will you go? Perhaps proponents of determinism will speak up, which can certainly be the case when you enter the theater during previews on opening night of a blockbuster. If that isn't the case, here are some of the top picks for the best seats in a movie theater.


Center (Squared). The center of the movie theater screen is gold. Even if you are the second person in the movie theater, this seat might be taken. There is something about being in the middle of the theater, vertically and horizontally, that provides for the ultimate silver screen experience. Head towards the center for the best seat in the movie theater, without exception.


The Back. The back row has a bit of a "reputation", shall we say, in the deep discussions of movie theater seats. While you shouldn't engage in tonsil hockey when you're there, there is something to be said about having some privacy. You can overlook all other movie theater seats as you watch your show. Plus, your crazy kids will be much less likely to annoy others, which is always an advantage.


The Aisle Seat. You don't have to go to many movies to know about the pros of the aisle seat. From sports to plays, aisle seats let you, well,reach the aisle without bothering your peers. In the world of vampire and teenage rock star movies, you may need a quick exit.


Side Seats. If you're an off-the-wall movie goer, you may enjoy the uniqueness of side seats. Of course, side seats refers to the seats that are away from the prime real estate, the middle section, of the movie theater. Why could these be the best seats? As you will find out in the next entry on our best seats in a movie theater list, there is something to be said about privacy.


No One's Around! There are cell phones, children, and those that cannot keep still. There are also tall people, and those that munch on their popcorn a bit too loudly.  For those reasons, and surely many more, often the best seat in a movie theater is simple-the one that gives you maximum privacy. Enjoy your movie alone.

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