What Is Birria Made Of?

Have you ever asked yourself "What is Birria made of?" Or better yet "What is Birria?" Birria is a main dish made with lamb, or goat meat. It's the consistency of stew and is said to be very tasty. It is quite popular with families in Mexico.

Other Ingredients in Birria  Birria is also made of peppers, vinegar, spices, cloves and oregano. There is no shortage of flavor.

Festive Food Birria is considered a celebration food. In Mexico, Birria is served at Christmas, New Year's, Mother's Day, all of the important holidays.

Uniqueness of Birria  Birria is made using roasted peppers that give the dish some of its unique flavor. In Mexico, when Birria is made in restaurants, customers have a choice of the kind of meat they want in their Birria. The Birria is served with onions, tomatoes and tortillas. Birria is very popular in Mexico and is often made and sold by street vendors.

Making Birria Traditionally Birria, is made using lamb or goat and it typically very spicy. But if that kind of lamb or goat is not for you, you can try chicken or beef. You can also tone down the spiciness. Whether you use lamb or goat for a typical Birria, or substitute other meats, what you want to maintain is the "stew" consistency that goes inside the tortilla. Top it off with onions, tomatoes, or the toppings or your choice, and it will be delicious.

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