What Is A Blind Date?

What is a blind date? A blind date is essentially a date with a stranger. Although you may have talked over the phone or through text messaging, the two parties have not seen each other. Blind dates can go either way. On the one hand, the two parties could be extremely into each other and have a great connection, and on the other hand, the two parties could absolutely hate each other and embarrass one another by causing a scene, like walking out of the restaurant or blatantly expressing their dislike for each other’s appearance in person. Therefore, going on a blind date in a controlled environment is the best route.

Going on a blind date does not always have to be scary. If you’re a person who loves to meet new people regardless of how they look, then blind dating is a great way to meet new people. It can also be a great way to get to know a person's personality, dislikes and likes without being distracted by her looks. Another great benefit of going on a blind date is the fact that no one has to go through the awkward phase of the “first introduction,” which can be a turn-off if the pick-up line is not good!

One of the biggest downfalls of blind dating is the thought of making a connection with a person who is undoubtedly not attracted to you. Being in a scenario like that could put unnecessary stress on the date, which in turn could rub the other person in a negative way. Aside from the thoughts about not being attracted to one another, you could also lose a friendship in the process. Most blind dates occur from mutual friends trying to hook up their other lonely friends. If the date that you were on turns out bad, the other person may take the blame out on the mutual friend, which in turn could ruin a good relationship.



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