What Boys Want

It is a good thing to tell girls what boys want. The phrase "what women want" has a lot of popularity. But how often do you hear the phrase "what men want" or  "what boys want"? Boys and girls want a lot of the same things. However, there are some things that boys want more than girls, on average. Ahead, is a list of things of what boys want.

  1. Sex. Yep, it's obvious. One of the things that boys want the most is sex. Most men live for sex, and some would die for it. This is biology. If it weren't for the male sex drive, we would die off as a species. Women only have a limited amount of eggs, however men have an unlimited amount of sperm. A man has the ability to impregnate as many women as he wants. For this reason, massive human reproduction is successful.
  2. Things. Cars. Televisions. Stereos. Guns. Gadgets. Stuff is another thing what boys want. Why? It could be a residual hunting instinct. Many many years ago, men hunted while women gathered. The more animals he hunted the more status he gained. But today, animals are replaced with material items. These items show others how hard he has worked for them and that makes him proud.
  3. Risk. Many men like to live on the edge to a certain degree. What boys want is to challenge themselves in the face of danger and opposition. A lot of men are willing to risk losing something good in order to gain something better. It's no coincidence that race car drivers, Wall Street workers, professional poker players, and firefighters are almost always men.
  4. To make their mark. Most men not only want to be seen, they want to be heard too. What boys want is to have a strong influence on people, places, things, activities, and events. For good or for evil. To find themselves in the passenger seat, in a figurative and literal sense, would be misery. What boys want is dominance and action. This explains their love for mixed martial arts, fireworks and other explosives, high-power careers, and fast cars.
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