What To Bring On A Plane

Considering what to bring on a plane before you head for the airport can help take the stress off of air travel and make your trip better. Though there are restrictions, you can take certain things that can occupy you and comfort you.

  1. Food. Airplane food was never known for being good and now that airlines charge for meals, it’s a good idea to think of packing your favorite snacks when thinking of what to bring on a plane. You can grab fast food at the airport or stock up on munchies like chips, cookies and candy.
  2. Reading material. Flights can be mind-numbingly boring (in fact, given safety considerations, it’s best if they are!) and to help pass the time, when considering what to bring on a plane you should think of some good reading material. Magazines of interest, novels—whatever appeals to you—can help make the flight go much faster.
  3. Earplugs. Planes are extremely loud and a crying baby or noisy iPad can make them even more so. In order to ensure your peace and quiet, one of the things to bring on a plane is a set of earplugs. Put them in and rest easy.
  4. Laptop. The solitude and forced isolation of a plane ride is a great time to get some work done. One great thing to bring on a plane is a laptop. You can zone everything else out and work on reports, memos to your boss, or even that great, unfinished novel.
  5. Pillow. Some airlines are even now charging for pillows!  When considering what to bring on a plane, it’s a good idea to think of packing a small pillow. Especially if you have a window seat, you can lean up against the side of plane, head tucked into the pillow, and drift off into sleep.
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