What To Bring For A Romantic Picnic

If you are planning a romantic picnic for the lady in your life, you should go ahead and pat yourself on the back right now for being a thoughtful lad and thinking about what to bring for a romantic picnic. After all, it's the thought that counts and you've already gotten that part out of the way. To carry out the thought and make your romantic picnic a success, here are a few recommendations on what to bring.

  1. Picnic Blanket – You don't want to skip this item. It's your stage and table, separating your food, supplies, and bottoms from the grass and soil.
  2. Sitting Mats or Pillows – These will assist in the comfort of sitting on the ground. Your lady will appreciate it.
  3. Picnic Cooler or Cooler – You want the carrier for your food and drink to be insulated to maintain temperature. Spoiled food isn't too romantic.
  4. Napkins, Dishes, and Cutlery – If you only pack finger foods, forks, knives, and spoons won't be necessary. Don't forget the napkins!
  5. Her Favorite Drink – Most people think of wine and champagne to bring for a romantic picnic, but not every lady drinks wine or likes champagne. Cater your decision of what to bring to wet your whistles according to your lady's tastes. If her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, pour that into a champagne glass and watch her smile.
  6. Food – As with your choice of drink, cater the food you decide to bring to her preferences. Leave the fuss of big cooking and dinner type foods to eating at restaurants and romantic dinners at home. For your romantic picnic, keep it light and simple. A fruit or veggie platter with dip, shrimp cocktail (packed in ice), finger sandwiches, and cupcakes for dessert is a great romantic picnic menu. If your lady is a wine drinker, a cheese, crackers, and sausage platter would be a great addition to the wine. If she drinks champagne, pair it with strawberries.

Tip: Several places sell modern convenient picnic baskets that include most of the supplies you'll need for your picnic. Use your favorite search engine and type in 'picnic supplies'.

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