What Is A Butterfly Collar?

Are you wondering what is a butterfly collar? A butterfly collar shirt is certainly not new on the fashion scene. There’s a good chance you had a butterfly collar shirt in your closet as you danced your way through the disco era. It’s alright to admit the shirt probably had enough sheen to reflect the disco ball hanging overhead. Focus instead on the bold print and well-defined lines of your favorite butterfly collar shirt. Vintage style has brought the cool collared shirt back en vogue.

The butterfly collar is a larger version of a pointed wing collar and was often worn unbuttoned with the collar spread outward over the lapel of a suit. In case you need a refresher course on how John Travolta became so famous for his fancy foot work, then watch the movie "Saturday Night Fever." That was a butterfly collar shirt he wore with his infamous white suit.

70's vintage fashions have made a come back and butterfly collar shirts are along for the ride. Trends in fashion like to make repeat performances. So go ahead and add one to your already fabulous wardrobe. It’s possible to find new versions of the shirt, but vintage 70's butterfly collar shirts can be found as well.

Try on-line auction sites or vintage clothing shops for the original butterfly collar shirts. If you find a shirt you love, don’t wait because it might not be there the next time. Often original vintage clothing in excellent condition will be gone quickly.

If you prefer a modified version of a butterfly collar, then look for new shirts with a more modern look. The butterfly points and the flare that set it apart from the regular collar crowd will still be there. Pair it with favorite jeans, khakis or even dress slacks. The butterfly collar shirt really is as versatile as any button front shirt. It just has a little more attitude.

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