What To Buy For A 2 Year Anniversary Gift

Need to know what to buy for a 2-year anniversary gift? This is a great question to ask about a significant other. This is because while one year represents one year of loving, two years of loving is twice as beautiful. There are traditional gifts, but what if you are not a traditional kind of couple? Then what you buy for your two-year anniversary hinges on using creativity to construct your own tradition. What if you need a traditional gift for a two-year anniversary, but you are not sure what the tradition is? Or what if you are not yet married, but two years marks two years of romantic dating, and you are just about to enter a more serious commitment?

  1. If you are wondering what to buy for a two-year anniversary gift, celebrating two years of marriage, it’s a cotton gift. According to wedding etiquette books, the internet, the word on the street and old wives and old hubby tales, the two-year gift is made of cotton. When purchasing a present for your lady, consider gifting her with a cottony teddy bear. And for the lady, try a cotton T-shirt for your hubby, with your name or his favorite sports team. Or, scratch the cotton, and if she likes jewels, get her pearls. Classy.
  2. Deciding what to buy your lady for a two-year anniversary gift marking a two-year engagement is a bit of dilemma. Your parents and friends are thinking, do we celebrate the two years or tell them to get moving to the altar? Buying a two-year anniversary gift symbolizes that big step to the altar. Offer a cotton gift that would solidify togetherness and thus warm her heart. The question of what to buy for a two-year anniversary gift is then solved. All you need to do is explain to your fiancée that the gift is for a new life together as husband and wife. Gift your girl with monogrammed "his" and "hers" cotton robes or thick bath towels in colors she likes. Or perhaps buy her a beautiful comforter that will go on your bed in your new house. Then for goodness sake, set a date.
  3. Knowing what to buy for a two-year anniversary gift celebrating two years of dating is not so difficult. Which way are you two heading? An anniversary gift of a promise ring or a necklace is a sweet idea for your girlfriend if you are in-between casual and serious. If you are keeping it casual, flowers or a box of chocolates will do nicely. Here is where it can be fun for non-traditional couples. If you two enjoy the outdoors, a cotton hammock is a cool idea. See, you could of course buy the hammock as a gift for your lady, along with two tickets to a Mexican beach. While you are swinging in the Cancun breeze, holding her in your arms, pop the question with a diamond ring. If you two have gotten serious. Just sayin'.
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