What To Buy For A 3 Year Anniversary Gift

Are you wondering what to buy for a three year anniversary gift? What could you buy your "sweetie" for a three year anniversary gift? Many things! But if you really want to pick that special gift, it will require a little shopping. Those deciding on the perfect gift for a three year anniversary can be from wife to husband, husband to wife, girlfriend to boyfriend, or boyfriend to girlfriend. When shopping for a three year anniversary gift, it is always good to remember what area you would like to shop from and what budget you're working with. Gifts to buy for a three year anniversary are, but not limited to:

  1. Wife to husband– Give your husband something he would enjoy. If he's a sports fan, get him tickets to his favorite sports game. If he likes to play a sport, get him something that represents that sport with his name engraved in it is, such as a pair of golf clubs or a bowling ball. If he isn't the sports type, a nice getaway to the mountains or to a countryside you have never visited but always wanted to go to would be ideal for a three year anniversary gift.
  2. Husband to wife– Your wife would love a relaxing day out with you. She would love to be pampered: a great evening out on the town, starting off with an hour or two package at a spa. After the spa, take her to a nice dinner at a five star restaurant that serves her favorite foods. Then, surprise her with a fine piece of jewelry.
  3. Girlfriend to boyfriend– If you are getting a three year anniversary gift for your boyfriend, let it be something to remind him of your first date. Maybe eat at the same restaurant you all went to on your first date together. Get the first few photos you took together, create a collage, and frame it in a nice frame. Also, most guys are into electronics. So, buying him any type of electronics, such as a camera, cell phone, video game console / video games or an iPod would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Boyfriend to girlfriend– At this stage, deciding on what to buy for a three year anniversary gift for your girlfriend should be an engagement ring. Usually, dating for this long should be serious enough for the next step: marriage. If not, then a trip out of town or a nice cruise is always a good idea. Put a smile on her face with a dinner you made for her by candlelight and a self-written poem about what she means to you. Either way, she will be pleased with any of these three year anniversary gift ideas.

What to buy for a three year anniversary gift can be tedious, but when you sort out what you want to get for your partner and where you want to get it from, it will ease the load. Three years is long and still new at the same time. That attraction that you have for one another will always be there, and an anniversary day is simply a date to remind you of what initially attracted you to each other in the first place. Buying that special gift is a symbol of your love.


When shopping for that three year anniversary gift for your significant other, plan ahead. Don't do any last minute shopping, and never forget the date of your anniversary.

Be sure to choose wisely, be creative, and be thoughtful.

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