What To Buy For A 7 Year Anniversary Gift

When a seventh anniversary rolls around, wondering what to buy for a seven year anniversary gift can put many in a stressful panic. Traditional seventh anniversary gifts were wool or copper. If the anniversary is in the colder winter or autumn months, a wool gift might be nice and practical, but if the anniversary is in the warmer months, wool may seem strange. It can be helpful to remember that traditional anniversary gifts were little more than creative suggestions, and nowadays, one should not feel bound to these suggestions as most people do not know what they are anyway.

Seventh Anniversary Gift Ideas:

  1. Wool sweater or wool blanket: If the anniversary falls during the cooler months, a wool sweater or personalized wool blanket can be a welcome and practical gift with years of valuable use ahead of it.
  2. Copper pots: If your spouse is proficient in the kitchen, or simply appreciates classic decor, a set of handmade copper pots could be a nice gift. You can make the gift more unique by having the pots personalized or having a decorative display added to the kitchen.
  3. Copper photo frame: This could contain a good photo of the two of you, and make a thoughtful gift for the working corporate or business wife on your seventh anniversary. If your wife is a homemaker, this might not be the best gift, however, as you likely have plenty of photos at home.
  4. Seven small gifts: In the current economy, money can sometimes be tight. Purchasing seven small personal gifts could work also. Attach a copper penny to each present to keep with the tradition, if desired. Ideally, find seven copper pennies dated for the year you were married. The celebration can be week-long, giving her one gift each day leading up to your anniversary. Make the gifts something that reflects how well you know your wife.
  5. Flowers: Flowers are classic, but short-lived. Instead of the usual dozen or half-dozen, select the roses from a florist shop and create a bunch of seven. You can attach a special note to each stem, representing seven things you have learned during the past seven years. Just take care to select positive, heart-warming things. No points will be earned for notes commenting on how bad your wife cooks! This could also be a week-long celebration, giving her a new rose each day leading up to your anniversary.
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