What to Buy for the Dad Who Has Everything

What is there to buy for the dad who has everything? He's got it all-from a cappuccino maker with a radio built in to a helicopter alarm clock that takes flight when the alarm sounds. Not everyone has a father like that, but for those of us who do, don't fear! There are always options to buy for that dad who has everything he could ever want or need (and more).

  1. Start somewhere close to the heart. Does he like to Golf? Watch T.V.? Maybe he loves gourmet pretzels, or used to collect comic books? Take what he enjoys the most, and probably doesn't receive very often, and go with it.
  2. Take a moment to think about what he likes most. If your father is more inclined to sitting at home and watching television or reading books, take a look a around at thrift store or second hand shops for a variety of VHS, cassette tapes, novels, and records. You may very well discover an old favorite hiding out in between the children's movies and the jazz music, giving you that opportunity to buy Dad something he doesn't have. Another option is browsing the excessive amounts of home goods. Chances are high you'll find a small nicknack or trinket that he doesn't already own, in there somewhere that will remind him of his past, encourage him to look into the future, or help him to remember the present. There's always something to buy for the dad who has it all.
  3. Give him an experience he'll never forget. For the dad who has everything and loves to eat, take him to a restaurant that is hosting a 'food challenge', and you can both partake of the ridiculous portions or incredibly spicy entree. Whether or not you both fail miserably or beat the challenge (against all odds), chances are he won't soon forget it. By the time he's reached the third bite, he won't be thinking at all about that crazy flying alarm clock he's got waiting at home to wake him up in the morning.
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