What to Buy for the Girlfriend Who Has Everything

Are you one of those poor guys trying to figure out what to buy your girlfriend when she has everything already? Buying a gift for her shouldn't be so hard. Your girlfriend may already have all of the material items available for a birthday or holiday present, but you cannot give her too much love and affection. Love never overflows too much.

  • Go overboard. Use sticky notes to tell her how much you love her. Put notes everywhere. Whatever her daily schedule is, follow it with notes. Put one on the shower door or bathtub for when she starts her day. Stick one to the bathroom mirror so it's the first thing she sees and when she gets dressed, she'll feel beautiful finding notes in her closet. Put them on the refrigerator door for breakfast, on the steering wheel when she gets in the car, in the purse (only time it's okay to go into a woman's purse unless you are leaving money), you get the idea.
  • Show your excitement and interest in her. When you finally see her, be welcoming with favorite flowers. Have a box wrapped and filled with fun pleasures to fill the evening with. This will give her a new fantasy, you being the main character and your girlfriend being the author and actress of a great love story. What woman wouldn't love her own personal pleasure for a gift?
  • Give it some effort. Dinner and a movie is worn out and boring, but you can do it with a twist and bring it back to life. All girls still need to eat and love a great story. Does she have a favorite meal or type of food? With a little effort and the help of a grocery store, you can turn the kitchen or patio (depending on the season of the year) into her new favorite restaurant. You may have to reference a cookbook, but your girlfriend will be blown away with you and your ability to come up with such a great gift idea.
  • Give a present that money can't buy. Cook for your lover and serve the food. Dress up the table with flowers and fancy dishes. Pour her a glass of wine or make a cocktail. Don't forget to set the mood with great music for the occasion. Ask her to dance in the middle of dinner unexpectedly. For dessert, role play your girlfriend's favorite scene from a movie and become the characters. Make it a love scene and the rest of the evening will be history. Now that's a gift that even your girlfriend who has everything can't possibly have.
  • Make it a gift that no one can duplicate. If you were to ask her what she wants, she could tell you easily, but you can't do that. It would spoil the surprise and you wouldn't get credit for being the super boyfriend. Give yourself to her physically and emotionally for however long you would like. Both of you benefit from this gift. No one has the ability to be you.
  • Be creative. Most of the time creativity makes an interesting present and doesn't cost much more than time. Women love to know how much they are loved. The girlfriend who has everything can't ever have enough compliments and praise for being herself in your eyes. At the end of the day, what women really want is your heart.
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