What To Buy Your Girlfriend For A 6 Month Anniversary

Celebrating your 6 month anniversary may not seem like a big deal in the eyes of most men. However, in the eyes of most women, it culminates being together for half a year. It’s one of those glass half-full arguments. Therefore, a man will never win! So, in order to keep her happy, you should know exactly what to buy for your six month anniversary:

  1. Roses – Women and flowers are a perfect mix especially if they are roses. Now a days you can have roses customized to read special messages. So a half a dozen of roses all saying something special about your girlfriend is a great six month anniversary gift.
  2. Dinner – Finding a nice secluded restaurant to take your girlfriend to on your six month anniversary is great way to show her that you care and remembered.
  3. Promise Ring – Another great gift that you can buy your girl for your six month anniversary is a promise ring. You can promise to be there for another 6 months and watch her heart melt!
  4. A Music CD – Although this gift may seem cheap, the sentimental value is much more expensive. If you are a mushy kind of person with a small budget, then try to remember a time that is special between you and your girlfriend. How about the first time you met, kissed or gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. Was there music playing? If so, buy her the CD of the song that was playing and insert a card detailing the day. She will remember this small gift way more than a pair of shoes!

Remember that six month anniversary gift should not be drastic, unless you have the money to continue to up the ante every 6 months. Women are emotional creatures; therefore giving an in-expensive gift that actually has some sentimental value will last much longer than an expensive pair of earrings. Anytime that you can be emotionally connected with your girl, is another way to keep your name on the tip of her tongue.

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