What Camcorder Do Skateboard Filmers Use?

Skateboarding is gaining fame each day and we see people asking, "What camcorder do skateboard filmers use?" Usually skateboarders film their feats by themselves. They accomplish this by using different cameras to capture their moves.

Skateboard filmers use camcorders with high resolution. These have to give sharp pictures for stunt evaluation. There are certain extra camera features that they  use for extra advantage. One of these factors is the camcorder being waterproof. There are a few brands that many professional skateboard filmers use.

  1. The VholdR cameras are a favorite for skateboard filmers. High resolution is further backed up by HD interpretation. The cameras are closely compared to GoPro cameras. VholdR cameras are helmet mountable and give excellent video results.
  2. Canon HV10 cameras are a very good choice for skateboard filmers. These are compact and thus easily mountable. The best feature is that these use mini cassettes as well as memory cards. Fine quality videos are made by skateboard filmers using these cameras using High Definition format. They cost around $1000.00.
  3. Canon VIXIA HV40 cameras are another of the Canon brand compact cameras. These are liked by skateboard filmers due to their fine HD reception in 16:9 format. These too use mini cassettes as well as SD memory cards.
  4. Sony VX2100 Sony has a great camera perfect for skateboard filmers’ use. It is called the Sony VX2100 camera. This belongs to a series of easily affordable cameras by Sony. These have been favored for ages because of their great footage. VX2100 is considered professional grade camera for capturing sporting events, especially skateboarding.
  5. The Red One The company Red has given a superior camera called The Red One. This camera has a 35mm sensor. This camera has more than 4K resolution. The wide range ensures extra picture coverage with highest megapixels for the best video coverage for skateboard filmers.  


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