What Can Cause The Urethra To Hurt When Men Sit?

If you need to know what can cause the urethra to hurt when men sit, you probably do not want other people to know about this. Your doctor probably has to know, but you have decided to read information on the Internet rather than consult a medical professional.  You have your reasons for this, but the best course of action is to consult a professional about what is happening and then get information from the Internet when you find yourself in this situation.

Swollen Urethra.  The area being swollen can cause the urethra to hurt when men sit. Women can also suffer from the same problem. The main difference in the sexes is where the pain occurs, as the urethra is in the genital areas of most men, but simply near the area in women.  Swelling can occur in the area for a number of reasons.  Sometimes, the area gets swollen due to injuries. Injuries heal naturally over time.

Urinary Tract Infection. A urinary tract infection is the most common item that can cause the urethra to hurt when men sit. Bacteria from a number of different species can cause the infection, and some of the diseases are sexually transmitted. Antibiotics can clear up most urinary tract infections. Follow the doctors and pharmacist’s instructions about their usage to the letter to clear up the infection.

Bladder Cancer.  Bladder cancer is a rare item that can cause the urethra to hurt when men sit. The condition occurs rarely but it is serious and a patient must see a doctor so he can rule out this options. Even if a doctor rules out bladder cancer as a cause, problems in the organ can still exist.

Bladder Stones. Bladder stones are a painful condition that the sufferer will eventually pass. Even though this causes the urethra to hurt when men sit in an excruciating fashion, bladder stones requires less medical intervention than other common causes.

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