What Can I Wear With A Purple Cardigan?

The best that you can wear with a purple cardigan is anything that you can think of since purple cardigans are a versatile article of clothing that nicely complement almost everything. While purple is not at all a "guy's color" by any stretch of the imagination, at least wearing a purple cardigan may make other people think you are extra tough. After all, you're wearing a purple cardigan, for Pete's sake!

  1. Men's 'Quicksilver' Pack Rat Fedora Hat. The best thing that you can wear with a purple cardigan is a fedora hat because it immediately attends to your naked head, giving it something to wear to contrast your purple cardigan nicely. This particular fedora hat is a great beige color, which contrasts the girlish purple of your cardigan sweater handily. So the next time you want to bring just a touch of coolness as well as carefree ease to your look when you are wearing a cardigan, remember to stick a fedora hat on your head.
  2. 'Hurley' Phantom 60 Nuclear Board Short. Since you are already wearing a girlish color with your spiffy-looking purple cardigan, you may as well get in touch even further with your heretofore-suppressed, feminine side by putting on these sweet-looking board shorts. They are not totally pink per se, but they do feature mostly pink and some purple colors and shades, with just a touch of blue included to make sure that you still remember you are a guy, after all. In the summertime or during the spring, wearing a cardigan sweater over some board shorts is such a smart way of dressing.
  3. Men's 'Speedo' Surfwalker Pro All Purpose Water Shoe. If the weather is warm and you want to wear something that's just a little bit more durable and heavier than mere sandals, don this Surfwalker water shoe. It's not just for the beach or the pool–though that is its primary use. You can use it as an all-purpose shoe if you just want to go sockless for a change and let your feet breathe a little bit, especially if the weather permits. Along with your purple cardigan, wearing these water shoes will make you look on the cutting edge of fashion for sure.
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