What Can Remove Gum From Polyester Shirt?

Are you wondering what can remove gum from a polyester shirt? Gum can be a tricky to get out of clothing without ruining the fabric or color. A number of regular everyday items around the house can help to remove gum and other stuck on messes from all types of fabrics. Test fabric in an inconspicuous place if you worry about  the remover leaving a stain. What follows are the best idea's for what can remove gum from a polyester shirt:

  1. Try freezing the clothing item in a freezer. Fold the the polyester shirt so the gum faces outward and upward. Put the fabric on top of or in plastic such a a bag or food containers making sure nothing else in the freezer touches the clothing. Keep fabric in freezer until it feels frozen. Use a butter or other dull knife to scrape the gum off immediately after removing from the freezer. Mix a small amount of detergent with water. Dab this on the fabric. Allow to work. Re-apply as needed.
  2. A dab of peanut oil or peanut butter placed directly on the gum. Rub for a few seconds then allow to sit a few minutes. Wipe off with a paper towel. Mix a small amount of detergent with water. Soak affected fabric for a while. Wash the polyester shirt alone in the washer after.
  3. Soak the affected area of clothing in a liquid fabric softener for half an hour. Rinse your polyester shirt warm water rubbing finger over affected spot. The gum should eventually fall off.
  4. Use canned air. Spray on the affected area on your polyester shirt. Do not breathe the canned air in while spraying. Use a butter or other dull knife to scrape the area clean.



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