What Is The Capital Of Canada?

The question "What is the capital of Canada" sounds like something out of a third grade school book, but many adults still need to know the history and answer of this question after graduation. The capital of Canada has not always been the same throughout history, although we can draw conclusions based on many historical texts. Read on to discover the rich history Canada has to offer concerning its capital cities.

Canada originally started out as a province of Great Britain. The Province of Canada was formally established in 1841, although much of the territory had been under the Crown's control for a while before then. This colony lasted for 26 years (till 1867) prior to being declared a self-governing body under the authority of Great Britain.

During the initial stages of the Province of Canada, there were multiple capitals. The first capital of the Canadian province was Kingston, which stayed as such for two years (from 1841 to 1843). Kingston was succeeded by Montreal, which was the central political city and capital from 1843 to 1849. Toronto became the new capital of the Province of Canada in 1849.

As with the formative years of Canada, capitals switched quite frequently in its later provincial stage. In 1852 the capital of the Canadian province switched from Toronto to Quebec City. Quebec City was capital until 1866, with a brief two year interruption of Toronto assuming said status from 1856 to 1858.

Ottawa was the last capital of the Province of Canada. The city lying in the Ottawa Valley, also known by the same name, assumed capital status of the province starting at 1866. Ottawa continued to be the Canadian capital city throughout the "Quiet Rebellion" of the mid-late nineteenth century.

Nowadays, Ottawa is still the capital. What started out as a tiny logging town far away from the large cities of Canada is now the country's foremost political center. Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada, following Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. It resides in the Province of Ontario, a Canadian political body with its capital in Toronto. Ottawa has a population of nearly a million citizens, although that didn't stop it from being ranked the third cleanest city in the world by the Mercer Human Resource Consulting Quality of Living Survey.

From Ottawa to Kingston, the area we now know as "Canada" has been governed by various cities. While provinces such as Alberta (capital Edmonton) and Yukon (capital Whitehorse) have their own political centers, there is only one capital of Canada. Now that you know, feel free to inform your fellow classmates and co-workers about the capital of Canada and its history!

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