What Causes A Car Amplifier To Burn Up

High frequency emitting speakers are a trend, so a good piece of advice would be to know what causes a car amplifier to burn up. Fixing a burned up amplifier can be very expensive and a bit of precaution can do wonders in avoiding it.

In order to hook up a car amplifier it is very important to adjust the voltage just enough for the appliance. Every car amplifier has a specific input power requirement. This means there is a power supply criterion, where an amplifier sends acoustic signal to the speaker without harming itself.

Before hooking up a car amplifier it is important to consider the power consumption of the amplifier. The audio system should be strong enough to supply the amplifier with the desired power. Caution can avoid factors that cause a car amplifier to burn up.

Car amplifiers burn up when they reach maximum power. Usually car amplifier’s power reaches its limit way before the volume can be turned to maximum. Sounds with higher frequencies damage the amplifiers at even a minimum level.

The main function of an amplifier is to magnify sound. Same factors apply in causing a car amplifier to burn up as those that cause car speakers to blow. In devices producing acoustic signals, under-powering does more harm than over-powering. This means if an amplifier has to work harder when power supply is not sufficient, its coils get distorted. This produces inferior quality sound.

If the sound system is played on maximum volume, the amplifier heats up and burns eventually. There is an additional risk of the passenger seated with the driver being burned with the heat.  

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