What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Knowing what causes premature ejaculation is usually the first step in solving the problem. But, unfortunately, the diagnosis of premature ejaculation is extremely hard to pin down. How long a man lasts before having an orgasm depends on tons of factors, and each individual varies widely. For some men, it is perfectly normal to take up to an hour before having orgasm. For others, ten to fifteen minutes is closer to their normal range. But if you are convinced that premature ejaculation is a real problem for you and your partner, check whether you have any of these commonly cited causes.

Hyperactive muscles are believed to be one of the few physical causes of premature ejaculation. In some men, the muscle groups around the genital area may be in a constant state of readiness. These pelvic muscles, already overactive, cause premature ejaculation when the sensation of sex occurs. Though there are no known treatments for better control of these muscles, certain exercises are believed to help in avoiding reaching orgasm too quickly.

Anxiety is the key psychological cause of premature ejaculation. Most medical professionals agree that anxiety in general hurts a man’s control over his genital area. The anxiety may stem from one or several worries, including sexual performance and what their partner thinks of them. There is good news, though. For most men, this anxiety tends to go away after you’ve been with a partner for a certain amount of time. So, sticking it out through the problem may be your best bet for recovery.

Overstimulation is a common explanation for premature ejaculation. Sometimes, the root of the problem lies in how you have sex. If your partner has you too hot and bothered with what she’s doing, your odds of prematurely ejaculating obviously increase significantly. Try having intercourse in a way that is less visually stimulating or more restrictive in tactile sensation. Mixing things up to increase your control can be a big help.

Believe it or not, thinking too much about premature ejaculation can actually be a cause of premature ejaculation. This reason ties in closely with the psychological anxiety that is believed to reduce control. By focusing on the matter instead of just enjoying sex, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to perform well. Avoiding this cause is as simple as getting out of your own head during sex. Take it slow, and go moment by moment with your partner during intercourse. Time doesn’t matter, only satisfaction does. 

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