What Is Chinese Kickboxing?

Do you want to know what is Chinese Kickboxing? Chinese Kickboxing is the swift and destructive martial art known as San Shou. Chinese Kickboxing is a versatile martial art that relies mostly on striking and some takedown maneuvers. San Shou also has a great bit of intriguing history to it. Chinese Kickboxing is one of the most exciting martial arts because of these facts.

Chinese Kickboxing is also known as San Da. San Da has only recently became a common place term for what Chinese Kickboxing is. It was an older term used for back when shaolin monks had full contact bare-handed matches. San Shou was actually created around the time of the Korean War when superior American forces were defeating the Chinese military in close quarters combat and the Chinese Army was constantly being defeated in border conflicts with Soviet troops. The Chinese government brought together different masters of different kung-fu styles to work together to form a martial art that used the strongest and most practical moves and Chinese martial arts. The first official manual of San Shou was printed in 1963.

Chinese Kickboxing was split into two branches at its creation: Military and Sport. While the original intent was for military purposes, parts of Chinese Kickboxing was changed to form the sport form of San Shou.  As a form of close combat self defense, Chinese Kickboxing includes Ti (Kicks), Shuai (Throwing), Da (Striking–with any part of the hand/arm) and Na (Locking/Choking). In the sport version of San Shou you cannot use grappling, joint manipulations, breaks, or choking. Competitors win by either accumulating points for landing blows, throws, and other proper San Shou techniques or by knocking the opponent out. Sometimes the fights are held on a raised lei tai platform and the competitor can win a match by throwing his opponent from the platform.

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