What To Cook On Camping Cook Stoves

If a camping trip is in your near future, you will be happy to know what to cook on camping cook stoves. In case you have never gone camping before, it may come as a surprise that you can cook many of the same foods you can cook on your stove at home on your camping cook stove. Pack your favorite foods, and when your trip is underway, consult this article to find out what to cook on camping cook stoves. Your meals can be boiled, simmered or fried. Here is a list of what to cook on camping cook stoves.  

  1. Prepare fresh meats for your meals. Use fresh meats the first day of camping. Depending on the conditions at your campsite, you will want to eat meats as quickly as possible to avoid spoilage. Alternatively, bring a cooler to keep meats and other perishables cold for extended periods. Season meats well and cook by the method you prefer. If you are a good fisherman, catch and fry fresh fish each day.
  2. Make pasta, oatmeal or rice in a pot on your camping cook stove. These warm, comfort foods will be a hit with your family members as you enjoy the experience of camping out. Rice and pasta should be cooked first and spooned into serving dishes. Gravies or sauces can be prepared afterwards.
  3. Eggs and pancakes are another option if you are wondering just what to cook on camping cook stoves. Make use of powdered eggs, or bring fresh eggs and keep them in a cooler. Bring prepared pancake mix, or a sack of flour and other key ingredients if you like. Prepare these foods in your frying pan.
  4. Have hot soup for lunch or dinner. You don’t have to rely on dry ramen noodle soups just because you’re camping in the wilderness. Bring diced, fresh vegetables on your trip and add them to a pot of boiling water with seasonings, herbs and a bouillon cube or two. Add in your choice of meat for more flavoring.

These ideas on what to cook on camping cook stoves should get your creative juices flowing. You’re sure to come up with more mouth-watering dishes of your own.



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