What Is Crossfit

You heard the buzz at the gym and now you want to know what is CrossFit? Well, it is not an exercise fad for the faint of heart. CrossFit introduces the couch potato or well-established exercise fan to a brand of workouts that are on par with military-style training. No, there are no guns and ammo, but there is plenty of cross training in a variety of athletic disciplines. Do you have what it takes to become a CrossFit participant?

Scheduled exercising. CrossFit is an exercise regimen that allows for a three days on/one day off or five days on/two days off schedule. Athletes start out with a realistic exercise goal that fits into their schedules and also fitness levels. It is tempting to go all out and commit to doing the exercise all week, but this actually runs counter CrossFit’s way of doing things.

Constantly changing routines. The hallmark of CrossFit is the change in daily workouts. Posted on the brand’s site for all to download, these routines feature a number of reps and sets. This not only keeps the athlete from getting bored, but also works plenty of different muscle groups.

Cross-section of different exercise disciplines. CrossFit is not gymnastics, running or weightlifting. At the same time, it combines elements from all these disciplines. The goal of this exercise is to make the human body fit so it can excel in all sports disciplines.

It is clear to the athlete in need of a more challenging and less boring workout that CrossFit combines the best of all sports to provide a tough set of routines.

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