What Culinary Degree Do You Need To Have For Catering?

You may ask yourself, what culinary degree do you need to have for catering? The truth is you do not actually need to have any type of culinary degree. However, some experience working with food, such as working as a chef, a pastry chef, or even a short-order cook. In addition, while a culinary degree is not required to be a caterer, you will probably be more successful if you have some sort of two or four year degree related to food or cooking–such as in food service or home economics. Finally, many individuals who receive training at facilities such as Le Cordon Bleu or other professional cooking schools go on to open their own catering businesses. 

The majority of people who start their own catering companies are, by and large, simply individuals who love to cook. When starting your own catering business, consider specializing in one type of food–for example, barbecue, cakes, or weddings. This will, you will be able to focus more on one small area, and can make improvements quickly. In addition, if you are good word of mouth will spread quickly amount your target audience. If you haven't received any formal education but are thinking of opening a catering company, consider taking a community education cooking program focused on the specialty of your choice–for example, cakes, as stated above. This way you will be able to list some education on your specialty–and you will gain knowledge from specialists in the field. In fact, you may even gain friends who will recommend you to their family members and customers.


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