What Is The Definition Of Love

 Everyone has probably wondered at least once what the definition of love is, but only a few have found the true and unconditional love people strive for in life. So what is the definition of love? Each person has a definition of what love is personally. Finding an individual answer is up to the person seeking the question.

Know the person– Some people believe the real definition of love is the other person know all the ins-and-outs of a mate. But even over the course of decades, both partners still may not know all there is to know. It could be common interests that start the feelings of love. It could also start with a physical attraction.

Connecting in every way– Having a private and personal connection to a partner may be a small piece of the what is love puzzle but no every minute is spent together. Each partner may know more about each other than outsiders, but does this connection define love? Having a special language shared with each other is a possible determining factor when trying to answer the question of what is the definition of love.

Spiritual versus sexual– Feeling or thinking that Fate played a role in love is an honest reason for believing love is unconditional. Just as having great sex can be misconstrued as true love. Society plays a role in how people define love but disregard those views. People need to find out what is it personally.

Recognize personal definition– Knowing an individual's understanding of the definition of love will help the person determine if love is really being expressed and felt. Until each person knows what is believed to be love, the person cannot explore relationships and find that love.  

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