What Did John Mayer Say About Chelsea Handler?

In what might turn into a nice, little celeb feud, the Internet is buzzing, wondering what did John Mayer say about Chelsea Handler and what she has said about him. If you haven't been keeping up, Chelsea Handler is the host of "Chelsea Lately", a late-night E! talk show. Handler seems to let no celebrity escape her quick wit and biting sarcasm. 

For those wondering what John Mayer said about Chelsea Handler, the story begins last August when she turned her sights on the platinum selling, singer songwriter and took a few jabs at his plans to star in a comedy/variety show on CBS. Handler said that Mayer trying to get into comedy would be like her trying to pick up a guitar.  Mayer obviously took notice, and in true 21st century fashion, did most of his responding via Twitter. 

Initially, what John Mayer said about Chelsea Handler was fairly humble and easy going:

  • "I’m trying to figure out why Chelsea Handler has such seething hatred for me. I must remind her of someone she knows and doesn’t like."
  • "She once told me it was cocky of me to try my hand at comedy. Like I’m supposed to begin every joke with 'here’s one that might not work…'"
  • “Now, I’m just a musician and comedy is not my forte, so bear with me, but true story, I got into a cab today…”
  • "If Chelsea Handler wanted to dabble in singing and playing guitar, I’d give her props for it. (I do talk too much though.)"

As Handler's jabs at him became more frequent, however, Mayer's tweets about her turned into a full-scale attack:

  • "east coast people who have already seen the telecast, please don’t give away any of her biting satire. I want to not laugh."
  • "What color is her hair? It’s not dirty blond. Filthy blond?"
  • "This show is so unfunny it just stripped jokes off of other funny things."
  • "So far this show has come through with its promise of lots of exclamation points but zero E."
  • "I think I just heard Chelsea’s chair yawn."
  • "I kid, I kid. We’re just having fun. She has a great crowd tonight. It’s called “laughter.mp3″"

It looks like this "he said, she said" battle between John Mayer and Chelsea Handler may continue, with each celeb taking their turn with sarcastic quips and insults.  Who will come out on top of this comedy/music slug fest?  Only time will tell.

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