What Is The Difference Between Loose Fitting And Relaxed Fit Jeans For Men?

If you're like a lot of guys, you probably think jeans are just jeans, so what is the difference between loose fitting and relaxed jeans for men? The way jeans fit are the most important in factor in how they look. Relaxed fit or loose fit refers to the overall fit of the jeans. Other options for fit are "skinny" or "bootcut." This can be very confusing because the way the leg is cut is also called "bootcut."

Loose fit jeans tend to be baggier in the butt and through the thigh. Loose fit jeans tend to have less "shape" and don't hug any one area. Loose fit jeans are a good option for you if you are a bigger guy or if you just need more room in certain areas . Loose fit jeans go well with tennis shoes or sandals and are great for hanging out. Be careful when buying loose jeans, they can start to look silly if you buy them too big; unless you are going for that gangsta' look where you want to keep people wondering if you are wearing pants or just really long shorts. If you want a versatile pair of loose fit jeans that you can hang out in and go out in, look for a loose fit pair with a bootcut or straight leg. Check out the Levi's 569 Loose Straight Men's jeans.

Relaxed fit is looser than "normal" fit, but it is not as loose as "loose fit." Relaxed fit jeans tend to be a little more "relaxed" through the thigh area. Relaxed fit jeans are also very comfortable tend to fit the average build very easily. Relaxed fit jeans will be a good fit for you if you are not extremely large or extremely small and the most important thing to you when buying jeans is comfort. Try Seven for all mankind's "District Mission Jeans." These jeans are Relaxed fit with a straight leg cut.



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