What Is Disability Fraud?

Looking for information on what is disability fraud? People who are injured or are unable to work are put on disability. The amount of money that a person receives for disability is dependant upon the size of that person's family. It is not uncommon for people who are on disability to perform jobs that they are paid for under the table in order to maximize their income. When a person is paid under the table, the person is being paid in cash for the services that he or she is performing. Those who are paid under the books are not reporting that income to the IRS, so the person is also committing tax evasion.

While it varies by state, you should report disability fraud if you see someone who is working while they are disabled. You should also report a person for disability fraud if you see that person away from their home during regular business hours, such as 9 AM to 5 PM. Disability fraud is also committed when a person is also receiving unemployment benefits while they are receiving disability benefits. If you know for a fact that a person is working under the table or volunteering while they are receiving disability benefits, that person should definitely be reported for disability fraud.

Disability fraud is also committed when a person fakes an injury in order to receive disability benefits. There are people out there that will visit dozens of doctors until they find a doctor that will agree with them about the injury that they are faking. While this is the most common form of disability fraud, it is the hardest to report, unless you can find the person committing one of the above mentioned acts, such as working a job and being paid under the books. To report someone for disability fraud, you should contact the labor department in your specific state. They may be able to handle your claim of disability fraud on their own, or they may refer you to a federal agency.

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