What To Do After College Graduation

After college graduation, you may feel lost or uncertain about the path your future holds so take a tip from this: the list of what to do after college graduation. You just spent the last four years (or longer) living in an environment structured by others in preparation for your life after graduation. Now that the time has arrived, you can revel in your success and begin living the life you worked so hard to prepare for.

  1. Celebrate. Your hard work and perseverance in earning your degree merits recognition. Not only should you be proud of yourself, but you should take the time to reward yourself with a little bit of celebration after your college graduation. Whether you choose to have a party, travel or simply spend a relaxing evening out with your family, honoring your accomplishment is a must.
  2. Add your new degree to your resume. Future employers need to know that you put forth the effort to earn a college degree. If you don’t have a resume, there has never been a better time to create one than after college graduation.
  3. Hunt for a job in your field. After college graduation, start browsing employment ads in newspapers and online for a position that fits your degree and amount of expertise. Remember, even if you don’t have much experience in your field, many employers are willing to train the right person.
  4. Build your credit. It’s important to build your credit after college graduation. Your credit score determines how lenders will view you and if you’ll qualify for low interest rates on everything from credit cards to a mortgage loan. Build your credit by applying for a credit card and always making the payments on time or asking a friend or family member with good credit to add you to their credit accounts as an authorized user.
  5. Move out on your own. Now that you’re a college graduate, you must move out of the dorms so that new students entering college can take your place. If you happen to be living at home, there is no better time to strike out on your own with your own apartment than after college graduation.
  6. Frame your diploma. Don’t make the mistake of packing your new diploma away in a box somewhere after college graduation. Be proud of yourself! Frame your diploma and hang it in a visible area to remind yourself of your accomplishments and to provide yourself with much-needed motivation.
  7. Start paying back your student loans. Student loan payments are often deferred until after college graduation. You must repay your loans in a timely manner, or they may fall into default. This could not only damage your credit rating but result in legal consequences such as a lawsuit or wage garnishment.
  8. Thank anyone who helped you along the way. Odds are you didn’t make it through college without any help. Your parents may have provided you with money to help you pay for tuition or your significant other may have provided you with emotional support while getting your education. Regardless of who helped you along the way, it's important to show your gratitude after college graduation. A sincere thank you or a small gift of appreciation goes a long way.
  9. Make a plan. Sit down and think about where you’d like to be in five years and make a plan to get there. While getting your education is an important part of being successful, making the right choices in the right order goes a long way toward living the dream you’ve been preparing for. By putting your goals in writing after college graduation and referring to them frequently, you can stay on track.
  10. Relax. College can be a stressful time riddled with deadlines, tests and anxiety for many students. After college graduation, allow yourself some time to relax. You no longer have to take final exams or worry whether your professor will like your paper. Although the real world after college comes with plenty of stress all on its own, enjoy the process of hunting for a job, finding a new home and working toward your goals. 



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