What To Do After A Heart Attack: 5 Tips

To prevent future health problems, every man should know these 5 tips for what to do after a heart attack.  Don't consider the heart attack you experienced to be a death sentence, because it's not!  In fact, you can take the experience and learn from it to make yourself a healthier person.  Follow your doctor's orders, and use these five tips as a guide on what to do after a heart attack.

What to do after a heart attack:

  1. Aspirin therapy.  The American Heart Association recommends aspirin therapy for those that have experienced a heart attack.  While there are no guarantees, aspirin has been clinically shown to help prevent future attacks in some patients.  If your doctor has not prescribed aspirin therapy for you, speak with him before you begin.
  2. Exercise daily.  Chances are, if you asked your physician what to do after a heart attack, he has recommended regular exercise.  This does not have to involve heavy activity, though.  A daily walk is sufficient, and can help to reduce your risk of another heart attack.
  3. Reduce stress.  Without a doubt, stress can do a lot of damage to your heart.  By reducing the amount of stress in your life, you can also reduce your risk of heart attack.  Exercise can help to reduce stress, as can yoga, meditation, or even reading.
  4. Eat right.  Men that need to know what to do after a heart attack, can never go wrong with learning how to eat right.  Increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat, and avoid red meat, fried and greasy foods, and excess salt.
  5. Lose weight.  Fortunately, if you do all of the other things listed above, it is likely that you will lose weight.  Loosing weight is one of the best things you can do to reduce your risk of another heart attack. 

Hopefully, you can use these tips and learn to make the small changes needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you still have questions regarding what to do after a heart attack, speak with your doctor. 

American Heart Association

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