What To Do With Average Sex Partners

Are you wondering what to do with average sex partners? Here's the deal,"average" is relative. What you consider to be an average lover might be another man's prize. Sometimes giving an average lover a chance turns out to be the best decision you make.

  1. First times are just first times. If you're basing your opinion of what to do with average sex partners on the first time, take a step back. Even the best lovers muck things up, and your girl might be nervous, shy, or not sure what to do. If this is the case, give her another chance. The reality of "the first time" is that often it's not the best. The fun part of having sex with a regular partner is that you can grow and explore together.
  2. Give your partner a chance. Okay, you've gotten to know your girl and she's boring as heck. Should you give up? Not yet. Give your partner a chance to prove she's not an average sex partner. Maybe your expectations were too high; maybe your girl doesn't know how to let go. If you like her, try working with her to make sex better.
  3. Talk about ways to improve. When you are dealing with average sex partners, talk about ways to improve. The great thing about having new partners is the ability to teach each other what floats your boat. It could be that the girl doesn't know how to make sex better. Maybe she's been dealing with bad lovers. Choose a neutral time to talk about your sex life. Hash out the fine points and suggest what you can do to improve.
  4. Teach her the ropes. Average sex partners can learn new ways to relate sexually. Teach her the ropes! Show her what you like and what turns you on. Then, give her what she wants. If she hasn't tried a certain position or sexual act, show her what she's been missing. Many women want to please their partners, and many more are eager to please themselves, too. When you teach her the rope you're sure to experience an explosion and move beyond an average sex partner.
  5. Don't get frustrated. Sometimes when you have an average sex partner, you get frustrated. It's okay to feel this way, especially if you've tried different angles to get some hot sex going. Thing is, don't be mean to your partner. If it turns out that she is just an average sex partner, telling her she sucks in bed won't help. If you reach this point, think about what you really want. Is she groovy-fine in all other areas? Is sex so important to you that it must be outstanding every time?
  6. Find someone new. If you can't get past frustration with an average sex partner, it's time to let go. Find a new girl who's sexually compatible. For some men, sex is very important. They need a certain type of lover in order to engage and stick around. If this sounds like you, look for more than average sex partners. Cut loose while you're in the early stages of dating. Most importantly, you can be honest with the girl about why you don't want to see her, but be nice about it.
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