What To Do On A Blind Date

There are a lot of things to consider if you are set up on a date with someone you already know, but what do you do on a blind date? If you need ideas for what to do on a blind date, use these inventive ideas to make this potential horror story turn out to be a great adventure.

  1. Make it a truly blind date. Agree to have the friend or friends who set you up on this blind date help out. Instruct them to give you a real blind date by taking you to meet your date at a location with both you and your date blindfolded. Blind dates are usually the worst kind of date, but this idea takes a potentially horrifying ordeal and turns it into fun right from the get-go. 
  2. You are bachelor number one. This scenario is perfect for getting to know your date and finding out what it might be that led your friends to think you'd like to meet each other. This isn't much different from a regular date, but since you can't see one another, it's like being on a game show. There's an element of suspense, and you can really focus on whether the two of you are interested in each other or not.
  3. Take it off. Anywhere from fifteen minutes to, well, however long you want to continue the blindfold routine, consider unmasking yourselves. Depending on how well you enjoyed talking to your blind date while you were blindfolded, this might be a fun moment or a relief. In either case, you will have a story to tell about your blind date that your friends will hardly believe. What to do on a blind date? Live your life like a reality show. You know you want to. Your blind date will appreciate it, too.
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